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    What is a QEI?
    • QEI is short for Qualified Elevator Inspector.  QEI’s are qualified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to provide inspection with accordance to the (ASME) Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.
    What is the normal process for an Inspection?
    • Customer will receive ninety day notice from state, notifying Customer of inspection due date.
    • Arundel Services contacts customers via phone to notify them of upcoming expiration date.  The customer and Arundel Representative mutually agree on inspection date.
    • Arundel inspects units on scheduled dates.
    • Arundel will send inspection paperwork to state, to notify the state of Pass or Fail.
    • Customer has thirty days to correct if failed test.
    • Arundel comes back out for re-inspection; less than thirty days of original test date.

    How often do I need a 3rd party elevator inspection?
    • 3rd party QEI inspections are required by the state law to be performed on an annual basis.  If it is a traction unit, then an inspection must be performed every four years and on the fifth year a state inspector must complete the inspection.  

    How much does it cost for a 3rd party QEI inspection?
    • A 3rd party QEI inspection is billed at a flat fee.  If there are deficiencies found and a re-inspection must take place, then this is billed at an hourly rate.

    What are the advantages of using AIS for my inspections?
    • AIS are here to make the inspection process as painless to the customer as possible.  We keep track of your inspection due dates to make sure that you are always in compliance with state regulations.  AIS will give you courtesy calls prior to your expiration date in order to give you ample time to prepare for the inspection.  We want your elevator to be safe and to ensure the safety of anyone riding on it.

    How easy is it to get a hold of AIS for any problems?
    • AIS has a full office staff that is always ready to answer any questions.  If it is a technical question, we are always happy to forward you to one of our Qualified Elevator Inspectors.

    Who performs the 5 year full load test on Traction Elevators?
    • The state of Maryland still has jurisdiction when a 5 year full load test is needed on a traction elevator unit.  AIS understands this process and will keep track of your 5 year tests, so our dates match your next expiration date.  


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