Elevator and escalator maintenance audits
Arundel Consulting Services will perform maintenance audits to evaluate the level of maintenance being provided by the elevator company.  The maintenance audit can be used to verify the compliance with the maintenance agreement.

Elevator and escalator condition surveys
Due Diligence
Arundel Consulting Services can provide a survey/audit of an elevator in any given building.  This survey/audit can provide the potential owner of the building with a list of potential costs or liabilities associated with gaining ownership of the elevator unit(s) located on the premises.  

Recommendations for service and repair
Problems with elevators may not always be obvious.  There could be an underlying problem that if not taken care of can get worse.  Arundel Consulting can identify these problems and make recommendation for a service or repair that must be done to your elevator unit.  Some of these services may already be covered with your maintenance contract.  Also, this service will mitigate the possibility of finding violations during your yearly third party elevator inspection.

Estimating of probable repair and maintenance cost
Arundel Consulting Services can estimate the cost of any repairs or maintenance cost for a customer’s elevator unit.  Allow us to be your reference to determine whether or not you are getting a good quote for repair or whether or not you overpaying for maintenance services. 

Eodernization Survey and Bid Process
Arundel Conulting will perform a preliminary evaluation to determine the general condition of your vertical transportation system. If necessary, a bid specification will be created to enhance/upgrade your equipment. Bid documents will be provided to at three qualified elevator companies. Bids will be reviewed and a comparison sheet will be provided to the owner. After the award, we will oversee the project from submittals to final acceptance.


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